About Me


My name is Stacey Rada – welcome to my blog. I’m so happy  you’re here.

ice cream
at 5 months pregnant in NYC eating the BEST ice cream

I am the wife of Patrick, mom to Ruby and also Doodle & Fenway (they’re both canines), current resident of South Florida, and ardent lover of all things food. I have created this little space on the internet as a way to better keep up with my recipes, give family/friends a place to keep up with me and my little family, and most importantly to have a way to creatively express my passion for home cooking in a way that perfectly fits me.

I am always searching for healthy, real, and simple meals to feed my family, along with anyone else who drops by – so I thought maybe you’re looking for that, too. I believe that food should nourish, but also comfort us, and that there is no place I feel more connected to my people than around the table.

I steer clear of recipes that involve too many steps or unattainable ingredients and try to stick with meals that can be made quickly, easily and with ingredients that are typically accessible to all of us.


Thanks for stopping by, it means the world to me.



4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Billy – thank you so much for your kind words! I’m having so much fun doing this, so it’s nice to know that someone else is enjoying it too. Come over for dinner soon!!


  1. Hey Girl! Taylor shared your blog with me. I’m loving it! You have come a long way since the 2 of you made blondies!! Miss you! Give Patrick a hug from me. Love you! Miss Denise


    1. Miss Denise that is SO funny! I love that you remember that 🙂 Taylor and I have both come a LONG way since the blondies disaster of sophomore year. We miss you! Hope you are doing well.


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