Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Hello old friends! It has been a while. The last time I posted I was in my second trimester of pregnancy and eating pasta and caesar salads like my life depended on it. Now, fast forward a year and a half and I have a 16 month old toddler (hardly even a baby anymore, what?!) … More Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Overnight Oatmeal

As you can probably tell by now, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day – not only to cook, but to eat as well. But, most mornings when we are running out the door for work, the cooking part is not very likely to happen. The most I’m capable of is stuffing spinach, frozen berries, and … More Overnight Oatmeal

Avocado Toast

In our home, we REALLY love breakfast. Most mornings, we grab a bowl of Chia Seed Pudding or blend up a berry and spinach smoothie as we’re sprinting out the door. But, on those rare, slow mornings when we’re able to spend a little more time in the kitchen we treat ourselves to avocado toast. Avocado Toast is my … More Avocado Toast

Energy Bites

Right down the street from where I work, and conveniently located on my drive home, is a shop called Subculture Coffee. I also like to think of it as the world’s loveliest little coffee shop. Give me a good book and a couple of cafe au laits and I could literally spend all day there sipping coffee and people … More Energy Bites