Creamy Tomato Pasta

Over the past five months, my respect for mothers has doubled. No, quadrupled.  Ladies, this whole pregnancy thing is no joke. And I haven’t even made it to the birthing part or actually raising up a tiny human being yet! I am truly, truly in awe of you. The first trimester was filled with nausea … More Creamy Tomato Pasta

Sweet Potato Hash

Happy New Year, friends! It’s officially that time of the year when we start cleaning all of the sweets out of the kitchen and begin stocking the shelves with real food. I don’t know about you, but my body could use a cleanse. Not necessarily a week of drinking only green juice and broth (I’d lose my mind), … More Sweet Potato Hash

Grilled Curried Chicken

I know Labor Day has passed and “technically” we’re not supposed to wear white clothing or open toed sandals anymore. But, before you completely say goodbye to summer, unpack the boots and sweaters, and cover up the grill, you’ve got to try this grilled curry chicken recipe. Better yet, if you live in South Florida, like me.. you could make … More Grilled Curried Chicken

Stuffed Peppers

We all continually go through different seasons and stages of life. However, typically the seasons slowly morph from one phase to the next without you recognizing much change at all. But, then there are those other times in life that all of the changes come barreling towards you at once, and all you can do is jump, full speed … More Stuffed Peppers

Mediterranean Meatballs

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  Considering that green is my favorite color, I have a certain affection for the name Patrick, and I’m 40% Irish (according to my ancestry aficionado sister, Allison) – I feel like I have no other option but to celebrate this day!  I intended to make a traditional Shepherd’s Pie in honor of the patron saint, but … More Mediterranean Meatballs

Baked Chicken Taquitos

During the first year of our marriage, I discovered that the quickest way to Patrick’s heart was through food, specifically any variety of Mexican food that comes topped with guacamole. Before we were married his typical diet consisted of an Uncrustables® peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch followed by a Moe’s burrito for dinner. Luckily for me, he was incredibly impressed by any meal that was remotely … More Baked Chicken Taquitos