Uncle Jimmy’s House Seasoning

A couple of weeks ago, Patrick and I took our third annual trip to Maine. Our visit each summer to the Pine Tree State has easily become my favorite week out of the entire year. I always leave feeling mentally refreshed and filled to the brim with new creativity.

Our first summer in Maine, Patrick and I spent the most incredible week getting to truly know my Aunt Lori and Uncle Jimmy. We could have never imagined that two short months later, Jimmy would suddenly pass away at the age of 54. That week I spent with him was hands down one of the greatest weeks of my entire life. And surprisingly, it was one of those rare moments that you appreciate so much while you’re actually still in that moment, not taking a second for granted.Jimmy & Herbie

That week, Uncle Jimmy taught me that sharp knives must only be hand washed, never placed in the dishwasher. He explained to me why and how one should correctly seed a tomato when I mentioned that I avoided recipes that required this step. He showed me how to make his house seasoning blend that I still use daily on just about everything. He took me out to lunch for the best lobster stew (lobster anything) I’ve ever tasted, where we had an in-depth conversation describing the meal we would eat if we knew it was our last day on earth. But, most importantly, on that trip, as I got to know my uncle for the first time as an adult myself, I realized that so many core parts of who I am come directly from him. We shared the same passion for home cooking, feeding the ones we love, and finding a way to live life simply. If I could have been there for his last meal, we most certainly would have been eating wings by the fire pit and drinking a cold pale ale while Tom Petty played in the background.

Uncle Jimmy and me, late 1988. He was home on leave from the Navy, and got assigned to babysit his 6 month old niece. Notice the hand-holding.. we’re happier than we look!



Uncle Jimmy’s House Seasoning 


  • 1 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup pepper
  • 1/2 cup onion powder
  • 1/2 cup garlic powder (or granulated garlic) 


Mix all ingredients together and store in an air-tight container for 6-9 months. Seasoning works well on almost any type of meat and vegetables. 

Next Week: More stories from our trips to Maine, including my guide to the southern part of the state that includes a few of our favorites places for food and drinks.

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Happy stirring!

xoxo, Stacey

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